HammerAuto is the Best Way to Lease a New Vehicle

HammerAuto is unique.  We know of no one else in the business, nationwide, who arranges

 leases on ANY at $0 profit / $0 markup /$0 buy rate!

Typically, dealers, leasing companies, and other brokers can add excess profit to your car purchase transaction by marking up the Internal Buy Rate charged by their banks, i.e., Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, GMC, Ford, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

The Internal Buy Rate is expressed as a money factor.  Because the money factor is not an interest rate, the Federal Government does not require dealers to disclose the Internal buy rate / money factor because you are not borrowing money. Furthermore, banks and credit unions do not lease to consumers, only to dealers. What this means is that you are at the mercy of whoever sells you the car, and you are in a position to get taken advantage of because the money factor is not disclosed anywhere on the lease. Which means the dealers are buying the lease from the manufacturers bank at at X and selling it to you for Y, and that difference could mean thousands out of your pocket!

At HammerAuto, we work in your best interest as your agent, not for the dealership.  As an auto broker, we know the Internal Buy Rates of all banks and leasing companies, giving us unprecedented and unequaled buying power on your behalf.  We never negotiate lease terms; rather, we negotiate sale prices and then dictate your lease rate to the dealer.  We will not permit the dealer to make one penny on your lease. 

HammerAuto is the Best Way to Buy a New or Used Vehicle

Unlike most other brokers in the industry, HammerAuto personally guides you through each step of the car buying process, from initial inquiry through to final delivery.  You never have to set foot on a dealer's lot, and you get a brand new car or truck of your choice with the full factory warranty at the best possible price.

The easiest and best way to buy a car starts when you tell HammerAuto what kind of car you want.  If you are unsure which car is right for you, just ask one of our automotive professionals at HammerAuto.com for their expert, unbiased advice. With our help, you will make the right decision on the car or truck that best suits your needs.   HammerAuto then goes to work and finds your exact car at the best possible price. We are privy to all rebates and discounts offered by auto manufacturers.  All vehicles are purchased NEW in your name from a dealer of our choice.  As a client of HammerAuto, you are 100% eligible for all manufacturers promotions and programs, and all other warranties, maintenance agreements, rebates and special financing apply.

Once we find the best deal on your car, we put the details in writing and send it to you for your approval.  Upon acceptance of the deal by us and you, we have your vehicle delivered to our office in Los Altos, with the agreed-upon lease terms drawn up by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC, etc.  You inspect your vehicle, spend ten minutes completing the paperwork, and then drive it home. That's it.  It's that simple.