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We are Committed to Excellence.

The SUPER HERO’s of the auto industry not only procure the BEST possible deal on any new/used vehicle for our clientele, BUT we also help facilitate the sale of their old vehicle! What you will find here are vehicles For Sale BY OWNER ~ PRIVATE PARTY! No hassle, No haggling, just simple.

Let us help you find a QUALITY used vehicle
Classic Dealer Bait & Switch/Low Ball

Well Hammer, when you're right, you're right. The dealers completely changed the deal on me. They increased the price to $23k with no package. Thus, your car is less than a grand more and way better. I am sorry I ever doubted you, but in my defense I had to check. One must admit it would be a pretty fantastic deal. Your premium + the car + shipping + extra package all for less than a grand more than what they quoted me for only the car? I'll admit I'm impressed.

Unfortunately I am still a poor college graduate, so I was wondering if you could do me two more things. 1. Could you check for a price for a base model Nissan Altima coupe? No features, cloth seats, dark slate or precision grey, basic. And 2, Could you tell me how to start the process to purchase from you? I will know if I can afford the Altima with the convenience package by the end of the day, but my suspicion is that I might have to make some sacrifices for the sake of money.

Smart people buy or lease their new vehicles from HammerAuto. So what's your I.Q?

HammerAuto.Com is the largest hands-on auto broker in California. We have been in business since 1994, building our clientele and our reputation. We are with you from your first inquiry until you pick up your new vehicle at our office in Palo Alto.

We have built a phenomenal reputation as "The Premiere Auto Broker." Reputation is built on trust. Clients trust that for our flat fee - $395 for most new cars (a higher fee applies to some premium vehicles) - we get you the best deal, the best lease payment or the best loan payment that exists, bar none.

All vehicles are purchased NEW in your name from a dealer of our choice. Of course all warranties, maintenance agreements, rebates and special financing apply.

Our address

4898 El Camino Real, Suite #205
Los Altos, CA 94022
(At the crossing of El Camino Real and Jordan Ave,
above Futon Shop)

Phone: 650-210-1800
Fax: 650-210-1804

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A star from a hit TV show Glee, Chris Colfer, who plays one of the main characters (Kurt Hummel), just bought himself a brand new 2010 BMW X5 from HammerAuto that he took back to his place in Beverly Hills!

Robert A. Hammer appointed to ALS Bay Area Chapter Board of Directors.

Robert Hammer
Robert Hammer

Donate $1000 or more to ALS and Hammer Auto will waive a portion of the broker fee on any new vehicle.

If you are considering donating your vehicle, you should choose a charity that gives all resulting money to the cause, such as ALS.

Many charities pay donation services which take a portion of the money resulting from a vehicle donation. When you donate your vehicle to ALS, all of the proceeds to go ALS.

Walk to dfeet ALS.

Dilbert buys a car.

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